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We work constantly to create a great experience for you, your family and friends. If you’re planning to visit and have additional questions, we encourage you to use this website or any of The Friends of Monterey Pass contacts on that page. If you’ve already visited, please share your thoughts. Click “Welcome” above to start.

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  1. One corrective comment – In your STORY OF THE BATTLE you list the route of Lee’s Northern supply train traveling Northeast to Chambersburg … it would have been Northwest.

  2. Planning a trip to Waynesboro & Blue Ridge Summit and just found out about the Monterey Pass Battlefield & Museum today. Very interesting story about the battle and reading the information trying to get funds, donations, and volunteers to construct the museum and eventually the trails. We lived in Blue Ridge Summit from 1977 to 1982 (active duty Army at Ft. Ritchie MD). We lived at 13402 Sunrise Dr.
    Keep up the good work and we look forward to our trip on 26 & 27 July.

  3. A small but beautiful Civil War battle site. It is worth the time to visit, especially if you are a student of the Civil War. This site is too often overlooked by the “experts” when they write or speak about Gettysburg and after the battle there!
    Monterey Pass is of special interest to my wife, Nora. Through her ancestry research, she discovered that her great great Grandfather was a Confederate wagon driver taken prisoner with the other 1,300+ Rebels captured here. He served at Gettysburg with the Virginia Powhatan (Reserve) Artillery, having been situated on the lawn of the Lutheran Seminary during the battle.
    Monterey Pass is the logical extension in anyone’s exploration of the Battle of Gettysburg!

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